Durrës City

Durrësi, description

Durrës is the second largest city of Albania located on the central Albanian coast, about 33 km (21 mi) west of the capital Tirana. It is one of the most ancient and economically significant cities of Albania.
Durrës is situated at one of the narrower points of the Adriatic Sea, opposite the Italian ports of Bari (300 km/186 mi away) and Brindisi (200 km/124 mi away). Durrës is home to Albania’s main port, the Port of Durrës, and to the newest public university, the Aleksandër Moisiu University. It has a population of 115,550, while the metropolitan area has a population of 265,330.
Founded in the 7th century BC by Greek colonists from Corinth and Corcyra under the name Epidamnos, it has been continuously inhabited for 2,700 years and is one of the oldest cities in Albania. Durrës served as Albania’s national capital from 7 March 1914 until 11 February 1920 during the reign of William of Albania in Principality of Albania until the decision of the Congress of Lushnja of the 11th February 1920 which proclaimed Tirana as the capital of the new state of Albanians.

The touristic and historical places to be visited in Durrës:

  • Amphitheater of Durres
  • Adriatic Sea
  • Tophana’s Well
  • Archeological Museum
  • Via Egnatia (beginning of the Ancient Road)
  • University Aleksandër Moisiu
  • The Royal Villa


Durrësi is located by the shores of the Adriatic sea, about 30km West of Tirana.

Today the city has expanded in the fields in the East.

The city is quite low in the south in the bay of Durres.


Durres can be compared to the larger cities of the ancient and medieval Mediterranean. Dyrrah City was built by the Illyrians Taulantia , dallëndyshasit XI-XIII centuries BC The first inhabitants of Dyrrachion before protoillyrian called Illyrians, Pelasgians, raised in the suburbs of the city, the first settlements prehistoric . In terms of a Mediterranean climate, the best place for it was the residence of the Erzeni (Ululeus) and its surrounding Western Plains. In the Gulf coast of Durres was placed first or middle name Dyrrah harbor. According to ancient authors, this city was founded by two Illyrian kings called Dyrrah and Epidamnos. He had the paper manufactory of ceramics, metals, leather fabrics, site building ships. Proof of trade development are bronze and silver coins that were cut in Dyrrah. While the urban boom proves a floor mosaic, called Beauty of Durres . From I-III century AD Dyrrachion city experienced a period of prosperity, became the center and main port of the coast of the Adriatic eastern.